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FF6 SL step lip concave forged aluminum wheels

Forged aluminum wheels repeat your character. However, they will never be a copy of any other kit. In this matter, we always adhere to the rule of originality. Each car is a completely new project with an individual approach. This is the only way to create a really worthwhile idea. And the driver will feel special and the best among all the others.

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But that's not all. To get the original wheels, our team did a tremendous job. What does it consist of? This is first and foremost a perfect design. Look carefully at the wheel. You will not see so many carved lines and easy bends anywhere. The design resembles a five-pointed ride in its shape. When custom wheels’ spin as the car moves, their potential unfolds. Patterns become brighter and more noticeable.

Special technology has allowed us to reduce the weight of the central part. Therefore, you will experience a lighter inertial motion of the car. All the properties of the wheels positively affect the characteristics of the car. For example, a driver will feel better about the road and driving. You can feel many other bonuses on your personal experience after installing the kit.

By the way, every motorist can also realize his idea in step lip concave wheels. For example, choose a beautiful color and tone of painting. So without your participation, it will not do as well. It is important for us to choose custom wheels exclusively for your taste and car.

FF6 SL forged aluminum wheels: Specifications

  • Forged wheels 2-piece
  • Basic diameter 18 to 22 inches
  • Typical width FF6 SL 8-13 inches
  • Built-in hardware option of different types: open, closed or mixed.

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