Forged monoblock wheels and other types of forged rims from Bonapart

Forged wheels are a well-deserved market leader. If you still cannot choose between stamped, alloy and forged wheels, then the moment has come when you need to make the right choice in favor of the latter. If you ask a car owner who uses forged wheels, you will not hear a single bad review and minus about this type of wheels.

Indeed, they are reliable, most durable and wear-resistant. Such wheels do not break, do not crack and will withstand the blow of any force. They are adapted to high loads and collisions, which is especially true for the busy traffic of a big city. Neither stamped nor alloy wheels will ever withstand the level of load that forged wheels can easily carry.

As a nice bonus, these wheels can save up to 15% fuel! There is nothing to think about, their advantages are obvious. First of all, it is driving safety and high-quality wheels, which is achieved thanks to our experience, high-quality raw materials, and materials, as well as the use of the latest methods in production

Initially, forged wheels came from vehicles and were very expensive. But modern production technology and new methods have made it possible to make such wheels more affordable for the ordinary car owner. At Bonaparte, we produce monoblock wheels and several types of composite models. All of them are beautiful, and you can choose the most suitable for an individual request.

Step Lip Series

Step Lip Series v.2

XC Series

Performance Series

Collection Bonapart Wheels - the perfection in every detail

Among the design options, we have a wide selection. No matter what type of wheels you choose, we will help you find a unique design based on the characteristics and model of the car, as well as your preferences. Our collection contains 15 basic configurations, each of which differs in appearance, width, and other parameters.

The wheel design is another story. Beautiful design always attracts attention and admiration. Therefore, we are ready to realize any of your ideas so that you can be proud of your car. Bonaparte offers an individual approach to wheel design. We are true perfectionists and aesthetes; therefore, we always strive to make every detail perfect.

How to make a choice?

To determine the desired configuration of the wheels, you need to build on the characteristics of your car. The design of the wheels’ affects driving speed, fuel consumption, inertia return and the nature of maneuvering on the road. Therefore, you must understand what you want to get from a particular configuration and choose the most suitable.

For example, a monoblock configuration, thanks to special production technology, reduces the weight of assembly equipment. This makes riding and maneuvering easier, faster and more confident. Each set of forged monoblock rims - is made strictly individually to order.

The Performance configuration was developed by our company to make the wheels even more powerful and lighter. This type will appeal to real aesthetes: the discs have a very beautiful and unique concavity. These discs lose weight both in the center and on the trunk.

The XC configuration (Xtreme Concave) is a real challenge to the familiar boundaries of aesthetics and design. The wheels have a universal concave profile that cannot go unnoticed.

SL configuration discs (Step Lip Concave) have a unique concave spokes profile, which contributes to a noticeable improvement in aerodynamics. Besides, the disk diameter is reduced by 1''. Thanks to this, a disk of this configuration is less weight and improves inertial return.

Similar to the previous SL2 configuration. The design has the same basic characteristics as the SL, but it has some differences. The width of such a disk varies from 8 to 13 inches, and the diameter from 18 to 22 inches.

Of course, all configurations are really good and worth attention. But for the wheels to show themselves in the ride by 100% and improve ride parameters, you need to select in detail the configuration for the model and make of the car.

Custom design for forged monoblock wheels and other types of custom wheels

Bonaparte wheel designs are not limited to basic ideas of how typical wheels should look. We turn on our imagination 100% and turn the design development process into a fun creative process. We combine different variations of the shelves and the central part. Also, knitting needles and many types of paints do not go unnoticed.

When we find a very perfect combination and put this idea into practice, we end up with a beautiful and high-quality product. After completing the design of the aesthetic part, all wheels are subjected to technical testing for safety, strength and impact resistance.

Become the owner of custom wheels from the Bonapart collection

Before ordering wheels, consult with our specialists. Perhaps your chosen configuration will not be the best option specifically for your car. And our experts will tell you what will be best for you. Because the equipment of the car greatly affects all the details of the wheel, including the displacement, the central part, and the plate.

Our wheels with a perfect design are not just a visual concept and image, but also a comprehensive solution to the problems that make your ride more comfortable and safe.