CUSTOM FORGED WHEELS from Bonapart wheels

CUSTOM FORGED WHEELS from Bonapart wheels

A car is a true embodiment of art. Of course, every car owner wants his car to be always in excellent condition and never break. For you to contact the service less often due to breakdowns and repairs, every part of the car must be made of high-quality materials. In this case, the machine will serve you for a long time and will not disturb you with unpleasant surprises.

Wheels are a particularly vulnerable part of a car. Generally, how you will maneuver on difficult sections of the road and enter sharp turns depends on their condition. The wheels are also responsible for how you handle the steering in bad weather, especially when it comes to rain and snow. It is in these conditions that the movement becomes the most difficult.

Safe driving is the key to the correct operation of all mechanisms of a car. Bad wheels are a bad and dangerous ride. So that all problems pass you by, opt for Bonapart wheels performance forged wheels. These are wheels of the best quality, which is not inferior to competitive European brands. You will learn more about their advantages and strengths later.

High-end wheels

Now rims do not look at all like their ancestors 30 or 40 years ago. In terms of functionality, they have not undergone any changes. However, we can observe with you a rich variety of rims with various designs and decorative features. Their number is large because the design of the wheels largely depends on the car itself: its purpose, the material of the disk and tire.

Unlike cast and stamped discs, forged ones have more advantages. The only quality that can be a minus for some people is the price. Yes, indeed they are more expensive than other types of discs. But this price is quite fair.

We focus on customization which ready-made wheels cannot be compared with; as a result, the unit price is a little higher than cast wheels. If you would like to have unique customized products, please feel free to contact us. If you are looking for ordinary and low-priced molded products, we suggest that you can search for the choices.

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Performance Forged Wheels Mono

What are the advantages of forged performance forged wheels?

Firstly, they are very light in weight. About 30% they are lighter than alloy wheels and almost 2 times lighter than stamped. The difference is on the face. This is achieved thanks to the high technology of manufacturing metal fiber, which is used in the manufacture of discs.

Secondly, they are incredibly durable. When forging a disc, the metal lends itself to high temperature and pressure. Already in the manufacturing process, the metal is deformed and gets the desired shape. This technology creates a fibrous metal structure, which increases its strength and wears resistance. By the way, the walls are twice thinner but much stronger.

Thirdly, forged wheels are highly plastic. This means that upon impact, it will not break and will not give a crack, and perhaps a little deformed. You can bring it to its original state, without visiting the service. By the way, this increases the safety of your trips. Because in the case of a rupture of the disk at high speed, you can get into an unpleasant situation with bad consequences.

And, of course, corrosion is worth mentioning. Again, the technology of the fibrous structure of the metal makes it more resistant to the aggressive effects of corrosion.

Performance forged wheels Bonapart wheels

Have you ever faced the problem of finding high-quality discs? Sometimes, especially an inexperienced driver, will not be able to distinguish between forged wheels and alloy wheels. To quickly distinguish a quality product from a fake or another look, remember a few nuances.

  • Forged wheels of a quality manufacturer always have a marking and it is pressed in (not convex).
  • Thin walls. Much thinner than all other types of discs.
  • A lightweight. It is enough just to pick up a disk and evaluate how much it weighs. If you pick up a cast or stamped disc, the difference will be noticeable.

Our company is responsible for 100% quality of products. Our discs are unmatched in reliability, manufacturability, and design.

Custom made wheels for cars: Our advantages

We are leaders in the production of performance forged wheels and guarantee a high level of quality for all parts, bolts and basic products for forging and operating the disc. Choosing Bonapart wheels products you will experience first-hand all the advantages of our discs:

  • We manufacture high-class forged wheels. Car owners can appoint the design, color, ET value, and OFFSET.
  • Forged wheels are manufactured by CNC machining so that the design (e.g. 5 spokes, 6 spokes or 7 spokes) and painting are capable of being modified. We will take into account all your wishes and do an excellent job according to your requests.
  • You can choose any of 5 wheel configurations, and we will produce high-end wheels individually for your car. Each wheel will be designed to the specifications of the car.

Together with us you will get a safe ride and add a twist to the design of the car.

Top and unique wheels for VIP customers: how to place an order

These are the top and unique wheels, especially for VIP customers. We care about your comfort and provide you with a quality product and convenient service. To place an order, you can fill out a special form on the website or write to us by e-mail. We will quickly take your order and begin to produce wheels individually to the specifics of your car and personal wishes. The success of the company is a team, principles, and people - professionals in their field People are our main value. Therefore, we care about the professionals and specialists who work in our team. And of course, we do our best to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the quality of products and PERSONALIZED SERVICE.

Partnership with the company Bonapart wheels: dealers

We are always glad to new business relations with interesting partners. WE can fill out the form on our website and become our partner. Join our team!