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Custom forged wheels from Bonapart

How long and safely your car can maneuver on the road depends on the quality of the wheels. In most cities, especially in large cities, the situation on the roads always looks tense and dangerous. Therefore, you should always take care of the condition of the car. Your car will always work 100% and show itself on the road as well as possible when all its parts are of high quality.

As you already mentioned, wheels are the most important part of a car. They are responsible for all quality of movement, the safety of maneuver and how the car will behave in an emergency. We offer the most reliable custom wheels for cars.

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These wheels are the safest to use. They will never crack or break. Even upon impact, they only become deformed, and you can bring them back to their original form.

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Lightweight. If you take other types of discs for comparison, you will be pleasantly surprised how much easier the forged discs are.

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Advanced manufacturing technology. The base metal has a fibrous structure. Thanks to this technology, the discs become very durable.

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Our wheels reduce fuel consumption by 10%. This is achieved by thin casting and lighter weight of each disk.

Collection of designs of custom forged wheels: 4 configuration

In our collection, you can choose one of 5 configurations to your taste:

  • 2-PC Performance configuration
  • 2 PC Step Lip Concave configuration
  • 2-PC Xtreme Concave configuration
  • 2 PC Step Lip Concave Type 2 configuration

We will help you find the right configuration for you individually for your vehicle specification.

Forged Wheels FS2 2-PC Performance

2-PC Performance configuration

Forged Wheels FS2 Xtreme Concave

2-PC Xtreme Concave configuration

Forged Wheels FS2 2 PC Step Lip Concave

2 PC Step Lip Concave configuration

Forged Wheels FS2 2 PC Step Lip Concave Type 2

2 PC Step Lip Concave Type 2 configuration

Implementing high-quality wheels: our favorite technology

Before providing you with a product, we conduct high-tech multi-stage testing. These are Dynamics Cornerins Fatigue Testing, dynamic radial testing, and impact testing. Our automated system is used to forecast or prediction of fatigue failures.


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Buy high quality wheels and feel comfortable and safe on the road.